Data Evaluation & Analysis

Program Assessment & Improvement

Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement

Strategy Development

Evaluate data collected and analyze the impact of practices & intervention efforts, serving children & families.

Collect & analyze program-related data to measure outcomes & analyzing data to improve the program’s effectiveness in serving children & families.

Assess services provided meet standards, evidence-based practices & outcomes to improve the overall quality of service delivery to children & families.

Create specific goals & objectives aligned with the mission statement to achieve positive outcomes & sustainability to serve vulnerable children & families.


Child Maltreatment Consultation

Non-profit Project Management

Stakeholder Engagement & Client Support

State Conference Planning & Technical Assistance

Provide consultation to professionals to help identify child maltreatment & related issues.

Ensure the completion of a project on time & within budget through planning, organizing, & leading.

Implement strategies to maintain positive community relationships & provide client support consultation to achieve ongoing client participation & satisfaction. 

Provide expertise, consultation, & guidance in child welfare or human services conference; planning, development, & implementation & comprehensive consulting support to improve program service delivery.

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